AnimeGlare Removed From Signulous Possibly The Repo Soon!

A week or so ago I got a message from the developers of the new app AnimeGlare. Now this tends to go better then this conversation did go. Most of the time its a thanks for hosting my app if there is any updates I will get them to you in the future, This went more of the opposite direction.

They asked me to remove the app from Signulous due to them not wanting it in a paid store. Now normally I don’t have a problem with this request. If this happens I remove the app or just simply don’t update it anymore due to the fact users can just upload the ipa in the dashboard to be signed. They look to actively be pushing TweakBox from what I can see on their Twitter and discord page. The reason for them waiting the app to be removed was this

Yep sorry, I don’t want it to be in any paid store, cause it’s a free app, so please remove it.

So what I took from this is the fact that Signulous users had to pay and making money off the app. Like i said normally this wouldn’t bother me. I think its more of the fact that they push a free service that injects ads into the app altering the app from its original creation. Now from what i have seen in the community TweakBox hasn’t ever injected anything into the apps other then a ad. So this is nothing against them in any way, I speak with the developer of TweakBox sometimes trading ipa’s back and forth. Its more of a explanation of why the app is missing from Signulous and maybe the repo shortly. I tend to not want to work with or promote apps that don’t play well in the community.

So for now I would advise using ToonsNow its on the repo, Signulous, and iparhino. They just released a update that has a paid membership feature that i would advise you to take a look at.



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