Are ++ App Still Worth It?

This is a topic that has been on my mind for some time now. Manly since Snapchat started doing bans on users that was using modified versions of their app mostly referred to as ++ App. So my question is are they worth it? To me I honestly use 2 ++ apps one is YouTube++ and the other is Instagram++. Both for different reasons but I think I could do without the features I gain if I was forced to stop using them. Now I know there is others like Moviebox++, Cruncyroll++, and there is even a Bobby Moviebox++.

But my question is more for the social media apps out there. Ones that you could get banned for using. Are the ++ features worth the risk of losing your account? Losing the years you might have put into the account uploading pictures, making posts, and other things.

I feel right now is the beginning of this movement of apps trying to prevent ++ Versions of their app. We see it with apps like Fortnight blocking the ability to play it on a Jailbreakable firmware. Same for PokémonGO you can install the app and it will open but once you login it asks you to update your firmware and bounce you back to login. Now we see Snapchat and PokémonGO taking a more active role to block modifications in the app as banning users that have used it or are using a modified app. Right now if you even login on a modified Snapchat they ban your account for 24 hours and if logged in again can be a week or permanently banned. We also saw Niantic ban and delete a bunch of accounts that have been used for spoofing.

Now this is not a don’t use ++ apps post. I just wanted to inform the not so on top of social media person and ask the others could you do without the modified apps? Because I am sure that one day we might just have to do just that.


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