Dino Zambas “@DinoD7” Confirms Date Trick Is Patched In iOS 10 Beta 2!

So with the release of iOS 10 beta 2 something kinda big has happened in the race of installing apps without Apples permission. Apple has patched the “date trick” in iOS 10 beta 2. 

For those who don’t know what the date trick is. Well it’s a process to install apps that sties have been using so they don’t have to sign them. So what you end up doing is start the install of the app and roll the date back in the devices settings to a certain year. Most of the time it’s 2012 or 2014. But this no longer works. Apple has patched it in the most recent iOS 10 beta. What this means is that users will need to start using a singing service like the one we like to push is IPwnStore


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