Do You Understand What The Why Error Is In Moviebox?

We just thought that we would explain what the why error meant a bit more to everyone. Just so you completely understand the error and what Moviebox has done to help with it. 

The why error means one hundred applications failed to get a direct link to the video. In most cases, this means that the user ISP has blocked the site

But also could mean the video was deleted by administration Such files, Moviebox team try’s to restore when they see them. 

Now that you understand the error a bit more what has Moviebox done to help fix this? Moviebox has added the ability to use a second server for the time being. The second server does have streaming problems. But if you’d download the content then stream it works fine. So if the first server does not have the content then you can select the second server that most likely will. You will just need to download it then stream it.

We hope this helps you understand the changes in today’s Moviebox update. 


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