Does Your Moviebox Download Never Complete?

I have had more then a few users message me and ask “why does my download never complete?” What happens for that user is that the download will go to 100% then start over. Moviebox does not see that it has downloaded completely. 

I have had users try many things to fix this error. And yesterday a tester by the name @basketfan7 on Twitter confirmed that restoring did fix the problem. I know right now restoring is scary and most users don’t know they can restore now with Apple not signing a jailbreakable firmware. Well you can use tools like Semirestore or iLexRat.  Both have been tested on iOS 8 and work great to semirestore your device. 

A user @CKerrigan11 has told me the file is still there it’s just that Moviebox does not see it. Now I have not looked into this myself. But if it is there you would find it in your Artworks folder and have to stream it using iFile from Cydia. 

Now if you don’t have a jailbreak I would say just restore in iTunes and redownload Moviebox however you got it before. Most signing services like Ipwnstore work on iOS 8 and above. So no worries there. 


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