dtathemes Giveaway Details!!

Ok we said the other day we will be doing a giveaway and here are the details for the giveaway.
Day one 3/14/15
Today’s giveaway will 2 ZGear phone stands!Day two 3/15/15
will be a iPhone 6 & 6+ case!
Day three 3/16/15
A year of Ipwnstore for one device!

The way the giveaway will work is we will post a tweet for each item. And on 3/17/15 we will pick a random winner from the Retweets. You must be a follow of @dtathemes on Twitter to win. Also you can only win on item from each giveaway. So you can’t win both stands, both iPhone cases. So we will pick 2 winners the day one giveaway and 2 for the day two giveaway. One grand winner for the day three giveaway.

So make sure to keep your eye on our Twitter of the giveaway Tweet.


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