dtathemes Point Of View On Movie Apps!

I have decided that something needs to be addressed in what apps to use and not to use and why we feel this way about the app that we do.
With the recent drought that has happened on Moviebox a few sites have thought it was the right time to release their own movie streaming app. Now it looks like Moviebox has more then caught up they are well above the curve in the matter of content. So why would you have several apps that do the same thing, and have the same content on them on your device just adding icons to your homescreen?
With the most recent drop of PlayboxHD, CartoonHD, HDCinema and CartoonHD.is we stand strong behind Moviebox for several reasons. We have talked to the developers personally and have helped with trouble shooting the app. So we know they are trusted developers. Most of the other sites won’t respond or copy other sites look and feel of the app or their site all together like PlayboxHD has done. Also the twitters are not ran by the developers of the app just a fan of the app. And paying for content is in no way something I would do. You should never sign up for a membership for pirated material.
To get back to my point we at dtathemes have decided that like most know a opinion is like a ass everyone has one and most are better kept to your self. So in the matter of apps for streaming we won’t be adding any new ones to the repo. That is for sure! With new apps comes new unwanted drama. Moviebox has been a strong app with a strong platform of users. And we see no need to clutter up our repo with one hit wonders.
So with our recent don’t use disclaimer of the app PlayboxHD that we said. We won’t retract the statement but we will leave it up to you. And we have decided as a site that we know who we trust and don’t. Most users are smart and can see a fake or scam when it comes up. So remember don’t be fooled and watch your device when installing new apps.


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