dtathemes v/s Twitter

As most of you know dtathemes url is blacklisted on Twitter right now. And for no reason. In the last 48 hours we went from closing down the site to fighting for what we believe in. 

We believe that dtathemes has helped so many people. And not just with Moviebox problems. We have helped support themers in their release of new themes to dtathemes making tweaks for you all to use and posted on our repo for free. 

We have started a petition to help us in our fight. We would love if you signed it. It can be found here.  We have also asked that you file a support ticket on our behalf the link for that is here. Please help us fight for our site that has helped so many. Help fight to keep us around. 

We want to let you all know we have had our site scanned and the report came back clean. We have no reason to take your personal information. If you have ever spoken with us and asked for our help you would know this to be true. You would know what type of people we are. Almost every question asked to us gets a useful answer. 

So please help us fight this. 



dtathemes is Stephen Fry proof thanks to caching by WP Super Cache