Forced Moviebox 4.0.3 Update!

So with this update of Moviebox version 4.0.3 it’s more of a forced update. If you don’t update bro this version streaming content will stop all together. This is something that can’t be prevented if you use the streaming feature you will need to update the app. Now this doesn’t fix streaming in unsupported locations. So if you get the WHY error this means you need to use Bobby Moviebox or torrents in Moviebox. This can also be fixed if you use a VPN set to the US.

I have posted version 4.0.3 to the repo and to Signulous. So if you get the app from some other location they will be responsible for updating their version of the app. So I can’t help there. I have tested the install on iOS 9 to iOS 11 and it works fine. So that won’t be a problem in today’s update.


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