How To AirPlay With Moviebox!

A lot of new users have messaged me in the last week saying they can’t AirPlay with Moviebox. We have posted this before but thought we would cover it again seeing there is a 3rd server now. 

The way AirPlay works on Moviebox is a bit complicated and some users don’t like it. But me personally I don’t see it as to big of a problem just takes a bit of prior planning on the users part. 

Server 1 can AirPlay just fine but a lot of the content is broken. The reason we have more then one server now. 

Server 2 can not AirPlay at all. All content must be first downloaded then streamed. This is where the prior planning part comes in. 

Server 3 is not in full swing as of yet. A few tv shows have server 3 showing up like 2 broke girls. Server 3 will AirPlay just fine right now. And we will see more content have server 3 links. Just takes time to add them all. 

Hope this cleared up some questions you might have had. Happy streaming!!


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