How To Fix Apps Not Showing Up In IPwnStore Library!

So since the IPwnStore server crash we have noticed a lot of users that have a problem with the apps signed not showing up in the library. There is a easy fix for this. All you need to do is follow the steps below. 

  • Got to the IPwnStore app settings 
  • Click logout of all devices
  • Remove the IPwnStore app from multitasking 
  • Reopen app and login. 
  • If you get a need to apply certificate error go to and login. 
  • Apply your certificate and go back to app and login if not redirected. 
  • If you did not receive a certificate error and it says login invalid you need to remake your login. 
  • This can be done from the “I need a account” link. 
  • Make sure to not use a @iCloud or @me email. If you do you will have to file a support ticket to get your login force activated. 
  • Once account is made and verified you will need to apply your certificate like the above statement. 

Now that this is all done you should be able to sign and install apps like normal. If you need help with the above process please file a support ticket at the help desk same statement on the @icloud and @me emails apply at the help desk. 


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