How To Get Your Udid Without ITunes!

Over the last few months it has came to my attention that a lot of users have no clue how to get their Udid for their device. Let’s start with what a Udid is. A Udid is a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), which is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device. It’s like a serial number but you won’t memorize this one lol. 

There is two ways you can do this. One is get it via iTunes. To do that you simply plug in your device and and go to the info screen. and it will show you the Udid of the device. You can then copy and past it wherever you need. 

A more simpler way and without iTunes is to uses the site what it does is install a temporary profile on your device to retrieve information about your device like your Udid and serial. It will let you copy and past it wherever you need to. 

Why do you need this Udid you ask. Well all sites like Ipwnstore use the Udid to register your device to a developer account to resign apps like Moviebox so you can install them without jailbreaking your device. 

Hope this helped you!


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