How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 64bit Devices Using IPwnStore!

So with the release of the PPJailbreak tool their servers are beyond slammed. So what we have done is added the PPJailbreak app to IPwnStore. The app itself is what does the jailbreak not the tool on the computer. 

So to jailbreak using IPwnStore you need to be a IPwnStore member. Now if your not and don’t want to pay to join then you will need to wait on Pangu or PPJailbreak to fix the server problems. You can become a IPwnStore member at https://ipwnstore.m

Once you have signed the app you can install it from the side menu in the IPA Manager. After the app installs open it and accept that it can send you Notifications. Then click the circle in the middle of the screen and lock your device. You will get a notification to install Cydia in 1-2 mins. Now swipe to open the notification then it will install Cydia. 

Now if you reboot your device you will have to go back into the PPJailbreak app and click the circle again and wait for it to reboot your device to use Cydia apps and tweaks again. This can take up to 5 minutes. 


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