How To Make A IPA File From A App That Is Already On Your Device!

So I get asked a lot on how to make a IPA from a Deb file. Well I will try to explain this process. You will need a few things from Cydia. 

  • IFile
  • AppToDeb
  • A bit of time

First you go into AppToDeb and find the app you want to make into a IPA. “Make sure the app you are trying to make into a IPA does not require Cydia Substrate. If it does it won’t install.” After you find it click on it and in the top right click make Deb. Now you need to go to iFile. Then to the directory below. 


You then will see the Deb file and a folder of the app. Go inside the app folder and you will see a Applications folder. Now click on the I in the circle next to the Applications folder. You now need to change the name from Applications to Payload. The p needs to be capitalized for this to work. Now select the edit in the top right and then select the Payload folder. You now want to click the box with a arrow in it. It’s the box that’s second from the left. This will create a zip of the Payload folder. 

After the zip is done being made. You now need to select the I in the circle next to the And change the name to whatever you made to a .ipa. So let’s say you made Moviebox into a zip. You change it from to Moviebox.ipa. 

Now just export the new IPA you made via Dropbox or openssh and winscp. This IPA will need to be signed some way. The best way is IPwnStore


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