How To Stream To Your Apple TV With Moviebox!

We have posted about this before but we wanted to just take the time to remind users about what is what when it comes to streaming with Moviebox. And how to avoid the content can’t be displayed at this time error. 

Server 1 has most TV shows and a few movies. But most of the content was removed by the severs admin “not Moviebox” the server is slow loading and downloading to. But the sever will AirPlay to your Apple TV just fine. 

Server 2 will not AirPlay at all. But you can Mirror your device to the Apple TV and not have to download the content.  This server has most new movies and about all TV shows are on it to. I find it best to just download and then stream the content. 

Server 3 is a new addition to the servers. Not much is on it. But there is a few TV shows and one or two movies. This server does AirPlay just fine like server 1. But the lack of content is what people hate. But with this being a new server I see it just taking time to get content on it. 

Hope this helped you. 


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