How To Use Ipwnstore Signing Server!

This process is not to complicated if you get caught up just take a second and breath we will get through this. Some users have said they are having problems setting up the Ipwnstore signing server. Here are a few steps that will help. 

  • Update to the new app via the old Ipwnstore app. There is only one app in the old app and that’s the update.
  • You will see something popup on the screen asking you to install Ipwnstore “Your Team ID” remember the Team ID it’s important to fully set up your account. 
  • After the new update installs you will need to go into the app. 
  • Now you will need to make a account, User name, password, and email is required. 
  • You should receive a email telling you to verify your account. If you don’t it’s ok. Just go to a DESKTOP ONLY computer and go here. Login with the user name and password you just made. 
  • Now you will need to go to the spot that says something along the lines of Team ID. It’s above the 3 blue boxes. 
  • Select the Team ID I told you to remember. 
  • After that you should be able to install apps in the featured list directly from the new Ipwnstore app. 

I will post more on how to sign custom IPAs “apps” later. 


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