How To Use New OTA Install Page!

The new OTA Install page is something I have wanted to do for some time now. What it does is used itms scripts to install a app on a device that has AppSync installed. We have that on our repo. 

What this is mainly used for is if Moviebox or CartoonHD or any other app that we have listed on the page is crashing. So how do we used it? 

  1. Go to our Cydia repo and install AppSync!
  2. Then install our app from our repo!
  3. Make sure you reboot your device. This is very important. This helps AppSync work. 
  4. Now go into our app and then to the top right menu, then to Our projects. Now to OTA Install page. 
  5. And click what ever app you want to install. And click install. 
  6. This only works on devices with AppSync installed. 


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