Information On Moviebox & CartoonHD!

we know we have posted posts like this before but with the constant questions about both apps we thought we would post a information update I guess you could call it. 

Let’s start with Moviebox right now the server 1 problem looks to slowly clearing up for some users. This does not mean all users are seeing a fully working server. It’s kinda hit or miss. But last time I talked to the developers they said they where working on it. So we should just trust them and see what happens. As for the crazy ads. They look to have stopped for most users. If they are still going for you install NoAppStoreRedirects from Cydia. 

Now CartoonHD we have spoken with the developers of CartoonHD and they said they are reviewing crash logs trying to find the reason the app crashes for some. Basically it’s hit or miss if the app will open after you install it. Personally I found installing it via ipa was a bit more successful. The last message I got from CartoonHDs developers where they are fixing it. So we should see a fix soon I hope. 


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