Install Moviebox 2.7 Or 3.0?


From what it looks like people are a bit lost with what to do when it comes to the new Moviebox updates. With the update and new app the best thing to do is if on ios 7 go with the version 3.0 and if on a lower firmware go with 2.7.

To install ether version is very easy you can do it one of two ways via IPA or DEB.  Both are very easy, you can install the deb from our repo we have both copies of Moviebox 2.7 and 3.0. Just remember 3.0 is for ios 7 and 2.7 is for ios 6 but can be installed on ios 7. You just might not get any updates for the app 2.7 when they update to 3.1. This does not mean you wont get any updates like videos just app updates.

The hardest way is to install via IPA. But we have tried to make it as easy as we can for you. We now have Zeusmos on the repo. All you will need to get is appsync for your firmware. Installing via IPA looks like it has solved a lot of problems for a lot of people. A few of the problems are black screens, slow downloading, and app crashing. So if you have any of these problems you might want to try installing it via the app. Also if you already have installed Moviebox from Zeusmos all you need to do is go into Zeusmos and check for updates.

Links to IPA’s of Moviebox.

Moviebox 3.0

Moviebox 2.7

If you have any questions its best to message us on twitter @dtathemes we will try to help if we can.


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