IPwnStore App Of The Week! “DownCloud”

This weeks app of the week is DownCloud was pulled from the AppStore due to it letting users download Music to their devices. The only problem is that the content comes from DownClouds server so you could possibly get a cover of a song that you are searching for and not the original song. But other then that this is a solid app. It functions a lot like MusicBox. 

DownCloud is now is IPwnStore for users to sign and install on their devices. IPwnStore is one of the only signing services to have DownCloud in its Default library! If you find a app that was pulled from the AppStore or is opensource please let us know and we will look into adding it to the library. And remember users that have paid the $9.99 to register their device can upload any app they want and sign it on the IPwnStore desktop portal. 


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