IPwnStore App Of The Week! “GoodNight”

This weeks app of the week is a app that was uploaded this week to IPwnStore. It’s called GoodNight. 

GoodNight is an app that allows you to directly access the screen’s gamma levels, and modify it using IOMobileFramebuffer. With this you can do any of the following:

  • Change the screen temperature
  • Put the brightness lower than iOS would normally allow you to
  • Adjust the RGB values of the framebuffer

There is a few bugs in the app. You have to adjust the level before you toggle on any of the 3 features. And once you toggle on a feature the app crashes but the change takes affect. So make sure to set your slider setting first then toggle on the feature. 

This app is in IPwnStore for $9.99 per device for 1 year of access. 


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