Is Your Moviebox Not Pulling Updates?

I will try to make this a simple as I can in hopes that anyone will be able to use this method to fix their Moviebox not updating. This is the same info we have posted on the repo under “tips and tricks”.
If you have Moviebox installed from our repo or any other repo like insanelyi or anyones myrepspace, and your Moviebox has stopped pulling content from the server “daily updates”. Then what you need to do is install it another way. Now with that being said I will explain what I mean.
Example 1
You have Moviebox installed from the dtathemes repo and it won’t pull updates from the Moviebox server. Then remove Moviebox in Cydia and then reboot your device. Now install it using a ipa method. You say how? Well you can use may methods to do this. One is a Pgyer link, Zeusmos “if you feel like paying” or ipa installer with Appsync installed. “You will need to reboot after installing Appsync NOT RESPRING REBOOT”. Now your Moviebox should pull updates after you have the ipa installed.
Example 2
You have Moviebox installed from a Pgyer link and you are not getting updates. Go to your homescreen and click on Moviebox keep holding till the icons start to go crazy. “Lol” Now click the x above the Moviebox icon. Then reboot your device. Now you will need to jailbreak your device. “This can be done using TaiG if on 8.1.2 and Pangu if on a lower firmware then 8.1.2”. Now after the jailbreak is done go to Cydia and add our repo now you will need to find Moviebox and install it.
Example 3
If all of the above fails right now 8.1.2 is still being signed and can be jailbroken with TaiG. So try to restore your device and rejailbreak if needed.
We hope this helps you all get your Moviebox working again.
Also you can ask @dtathemes or @GeeksCorner_lwc on Twitter for help if you need help.
Video on how to install Moviebox via ipa.


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