Moviebox 2.8 Has More Working Content Then 3.3.3!

So last night I started think and look around on the problems Moviebox has been having with content only showing “why”. 

Well I started with removing a few tweaks and Musicbox thinking that might have been causing some problems seeing it’s linked to the same servers as Moviebox. No luck on fixing the “why” error. So I cleared my safari cache and still nothing. So I installed  2.8 and when it was done pulling a full update I noticed that the movie Spy was working in 2.8 and not 3.3.3. 

Note not all content works in 2.8 just more then 3.3.3. The developers are not sure of what has happened yet and why 2.8 has more content working then 3.3.3. So try it for yourself and install Moviebox 2.8 it’s on our repo and in the download center on our site. 


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