Moviebox 3.0 Crashing On 7/8/14

Today we had a few people on Twitter message us asking if we knew why Moviebox 3.0 was crashing, and if we knew how to fix it. After we went to Moviebox 3.0 on our test device on iOS 7.1.1 we found it was crashing for us as well. See we had it installed from our repo we tried to install it via IPA. “like we tell most of the users that get crashes to do.” After doing so we still got the same crash. So what we did to fix the crash is just install Moviebox 2.7. It is the same app has the same movies and tvshows. Just not the new UI. So if you are having a app crash with Moviebox 3.0 just install version 2.7 from zeusmos or our repo.



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