Moviebox And Apple TV Streaming Errors!

Since the last update for Moviebox we have been flooded with complaints from users saying that while trying to stream to the Apple TV they get this error. “An error occurred while loading this content”. We wanted to let you all know we have contacted the developer and he knows about this problem. We hope it’s being worked on and fixed in a future update.
From what I can see its only with new content from the new server. A way to tell if it’s new content is if there is no size under the high medium or low settings. The best way I have found to fix this error is to just download the content in low and then stream it to the Apple TV. I know your like download the content? Yes it’s from the new server and the speed is very fast. So downloading it before streaming should not be a major problem at all. Just takes a bit of planning on your part.


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