Moviebox Fakes On Twitter!

I just wanted to make a quick post on the site to let everyone know that Moviebox has no official Twitter. And any Twitter out there is ran by a fan or could be scammer. Now this is as far as I know and when I talk to someone about updates or problems on Moviebox I deal with the owner of the app himself. I have been in contact with the same person since day one of Hosting the app on my repo. This is the same contact that sends me app updates when they happen. So I do believe if they had a new Twitter I would have been told. And I would follow them and they would follow me as well.

I just wanted to make sure you all know and keep a eye out for scammers and liars on social media. Also I just got word that there could be a official update to support the iPhone X. Now wasn’t told when but I would hope soon. Now I did blur the username of the feature image. Just to be a bit nice to the fake twitter account. I do hope they change their info to a fan ran twitter account to help clear things up in the community.


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