Moviebox For iOS In The Dumps?

So this morning I have had several users message me about Moviebox crashing. So I thought a mass post might help clear up some questions on the status of Moviebox for iOS. 

Well I am not sure if anyone has noticed but it’s been some time since we saw a update for the app, and they did delete their Twitter. I was told at the time the Twitter was deleted that they would still be supporting the app and they would be working on some app updates. Well this looks to have not happened. So I messaged the main developer and this is what I got back. 


We do not plan yet somehow develop Movie Box for iOS. We will support it so that users can continue to watch movies and TV shows. But now we are focused on a version for Android. We threw all the attention and forces it on Android.

So yes this does not sound good for iOS users especially with the recent crashing of the app most likely due to server problems. So let’s hope they decide to get back on the iOS train soon. But for now you have Bobby Moviebox. They look to have a great app and love to keep it updated. So if your having problems I would urge you to look at that as a alternative. And there is always Kodi with the Exodus Repo! This is like all the movie apps on steroids. 


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