Moviebox On IOS 8.1.3!

Today I have saw a crazy amount of people tweeting to The Moviebox Team that they need to fix Moviebox on iOS 8.1.3. I just want to make a post to clear that up. Moviebox not working on iOS 8.1.3 is in no way related to the app itself. It’s related to how it’s signed.
With there not being a jailbreak and sites like Pgyer pulling support for in house signing “the magical way you got apps from Pgyer” the ways to install Moviebox without a jailbreak is very limited. You have 3 options as of now.
1) You can downgrade to iOS 8.1.2 while Apple is still signing it. Info here
2) You can pay for a Zeusmos account to resign the app. Info here
3) You can pay for a Ipwnstore account. Info here
If you don’t want to pay its best to downgrade while you are still able to.


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