MovieBox Server 8! You A Fan?

On so from what I can see the recent update for MovieBox has added full server 8 support. I believe this is some type of torrenting that they have added. Might be the reason it’s broken up in parts. 

A few things you need to know is it says on server 8 that there is No AirPlay support. So you must mirror your device to stream to a Apple TV. Also if you have Don’t Play Next Video on in MovieBox Enhancer then it will just play part 1 and stop there. So make sure to turn that off if you plan to use server 8. It looks to me that server 8 is very fast at pushing updates to the app. Right now all shows have server 8 available. I feel that later today most shows updated now with server 8 will have server 1 available. This is just a guess. 

So are you a fan of server 8? 


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