Moviebox Tips And Tricks!

We have been getting a few questions via Twitter and email lately and most are ones we have answered already so we will go over a few in this post. 

  • I did not get a Movie update in Moviebox today is that a problem? 

No Tvshows are most of the time daily updates. Movies are not a guarantee on a daily update. 

  • All I see is the error “why” what do I do?

If every Movie and Tvshow in Moviebox says why you will need to make sure you are on the new update 3.3.4 on or repo and Ipwnstore

  • When I close out of a video playing and come back Moviebox does not remember my place what do I do?

All we can say is that I believe this bug lies in iOS 8.4. All users that have this problem are on iOS 8.4. “At least the ones that repot it to me.” We have contacted Moviebox and told them about this. So we hope to see it fixed soon. 

So we hope this might help answer some of your Moviebox questions you might have. 


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