Musicjunkie Evolves Into Box?

It looks like we could soon be seeing a all around app hit the scene. This app is called Box and is made by the developer of Musicjunkie a app that has become a big favorite to download music right on your device for free. 

From what we can see is that the app will have the ability to stream and download both music and movies I would assume tv shows as well. This is a lot like what Moviebox does. But it most likely won’t be YouTube videos. I would assume that it’s going to be MP3’s and not videos for music. Most users will think that’s better. 

The only thing I fear is that the app will grow beyond what users need and want. And with the name change from Musicjunkie to Box it could hurt its self. They will always have to compete with Moviebox, PlayboxHD, and CartoonHD “the app not the junk site”. So the developer will need to make sure the release is on point. After talking to te developer a bit I know it will be. And that he cares about what he is putting out there. 

So keep your eyes open for Box on our repo. I am sure we will upload it once its released. We also hope to have a beta to show you all its capabilities in a YouTube video on our channel. 


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