My Top 5 Most Used “Apps” From Cydia!

As most of you all would think that Moviebox is one of my top 5 it’s not. I would say it’s really not in the top 10. When I was taking apps under consideration for this post I was think about several things. Like usage even if I never open the app itself. So here is my list. 

1) Callbar “this app runs constantly and I get a lot of phone calls. So that’s why it takes number 1”

2) Barrel “this app also runs constantly and is definitely one of the first “apps” installed when I jailbreak my device.”

3) iFile “I use this app for everything. I mean if I am making a tweak or making a package for the repo.”

4) Flex “I use this almost everyday. If I don’t like a setting in the app I try to change it.”

5) UnlimTones “I personally am a fan of having custom ringtones on my device and this is the best way”

Did any of these show up in your top 5?


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