Pangu Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Pushed Back A Few Days! 

So yesterday the official Twitter of the Pangu Jailbreak Team tweeted that they were pushing the jailbreak back a few days for the Apple TV 4. This is a bit of sad news but the tweet also gave us some insite on what we will be getting from Pangu. 

Sorry that we still need few more days to test the ATV4 jailbreak. We will release an IPA which u need to sign it yourself to put it on ATV.

So what they will be releasing is a IPA file that you will need to sign to install on your Apple TV. Now this can be done with a free developer account with a bit of work. But it will also be added to the IPwnStore library for tvOS. So the subscribers of IPwnStore for tvOS will be able to install it. Now we are not sure if they will be releasing the source code as well or just the IPA file. But what we do know is a jailbreak for a Apple TV 4 will be crazy. Note that this jailbreak will only be SSH access. It will not include Cydia when first released. But I am sure it or a installer of some sort will shortly follow. 

So when the jailbreak app is released we will make sure to have the video ready. 


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