Pangu jailbroke iOS 8.4.1, but there’s a catch

Pangu have announced that iOS 8.4.1 has been jailbroken by their great team at the Hack Pwn 2015 security research event, also demonstrated on stage – the news comes as Apple patched the Taig jailbreak in this same update. However, you won’t be seeing this jailbreak be publicly released for now.

The jailbreak will not be released at the moment as there only approximately 3-4 weeks of iOS 8 left before Apple drops, and who knows, the exploits that Pangu have may prove vital for development of a iOS 9 jailbreak even with the ‘rootless’ kernel that Apple has developed to combat jailbreaks. ‘Rootless’ is a security feature that the kernel is based around which basically stops most services and processes running at root when they should not be, which at the moment, is a vital part of the jailbreaking process.

Hopefully, Pangu will be able to gather enough exploits in iOS 9 to form a jailbreak, but when iOS 9 does drop, we will have great Cydia alternatives; much like iPwnStore, (this store is great, we sponsor it and love it!). What do you guys think? Will you be updating iOS 9 considering on the many upgrades to your devices it will have?


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