PokeGO ++ And XCon Best Way To Get It Working!

So yesterday I tweeted that I am not a fan of how Unlimapps just added XCon as a dependency to the tweak and not find a better way to patch Niantics stupid jailbreak detection. The reason I have so much hate for this current setup is they are forcing you to install a beta of XCon. And for me that beta currently breaks my banking apps, PayPal, my TouchID, and AppStore. So this is how I got the latest version of PokeGO++ to work and XCon to not break my stuff. 

A user @Bestrada80 on Twitter gave me a bit of info on this saying that XCon 41 works with no problems. And he was correct. So this took a bit of work to get done the first time. But I have made it faster for you all. What you have to do is below. 

  1. Delete any version of PokeGO++ you have on your device. “We will be installing a custom version I have bundled”
  2. Delete any version of XCon you have on your device. 
  3. Now you will need iFile or some type of file manager on your device. 
  4. You will also need the insanelyi repo. 
  5. You now will need to search for XCon from the insanelyi repo. You want version 41. 
  6. Now download this custom bundle of PokeGO++ “what I have done is just remove the dependency of the beta version of XCon. You will still need XCon or some type of jailbreak bypassing installed for PokemonGO to work.”
  7. After you download that file in safari click open in iFile and then click on the deb file, and click install. 
  8. You will need to respring your device and PokemonGO should be working just fine with PokeGO++ and XCon should have broken nothing. 

Now I hope this helps you all. I know this setup is what I have to use and hope you all get PokemonGO and PokeGO++ working with the newest Buddy system. 


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