PokémonGO Updated To Version 1.3.0 In AppStore!

so we have been all wondering what update we will see for this weeks update for PokémonGO. Well as I can say it’s not that much of a update. But it’s a update none the less.

So we things like now we get notifications telling us that we are driving to fast. And asking if we are a passenger. We can change our characters name only once! So make sure that when you change it it’s what you want it to be. Because you won’t get this chance again. We also see a attempt to fix the 3 step glitch. Well I would say more of a lets change the UI of the 3 step glitch and not explain how it works. This is something that has become a trend with this game. We get as little information as possible about updates and what updates we will see in the future. We still have yet to see trading added to the game. I honestly feel this feature is very far off and if your looking for this feature you don’t need to hold your breath.

But hopefully I am wrong, and we see it soon. But only time will tell and with time comes more disappointing updates from Niantic. The hacked version of PokémonGO is live in IPwnStore now for its paid users. And PokémonGO++ works fine with the 1.3.0 version. So I guess enjoy the new UI.


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