Update On MovieBox But Not Much.

After speaking with the developer it was a very short conversation I have a bit more information but not much. I asked if they would be open sourcing the iOS project files and if they needed funding. I was told the below.

I think it’s impossible. We can not share our sources.

So at this time I would say it’s 100% that MovieBox is gone. Any working app isn’t the official version of the app and has been modified in some way. So with this information I will be pulling MovieBox from the repo, iparhino and Signulous. I don’t see it coming back at this point in time. This is honestly all I know at this time I don’t get told much information when it comes to this type of topics. All good things come to a end at some point. Please don’t flip out on your signing services they had nothing to do with this and can’t control it in any way. I honestly don’t think this was something that could have been stopped.


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