Update On Moviebox Updates!

Well it looks like there has been some ground made on the Moviebox problems. So this shows that the Moviebox team is working hard to fix the problems.
As of now it looks like on version 3.1 of the app that content loaded before the outage is playing for most people. But there is good news versions 2.7 and 2.8 is getting the daily updates from the server. You can use versions 2.7 if on a firmware lower then IOS 8.1.1 and if on 8.1.1 use 2.8. Both can be installed from our repo.
Right now we still have not had any updates from the team on what happened. But we are sure that what ever it was is taking some time to fix and I am sure is a lot of work. So just be prepared that 3.1 updates might be days before they are restored. And that hateful words are not needed. It’s a free service so everyone has no room to complain.


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