Update On Moviebox Why Error!

As we all know the “why” error means that 1000 users have been unable to access that specific content. And with the large amount of “why” errors we can guess at what has happened.

  • Server purge
  • Hard drive failure 

Both of these things are hard to come back from. Most old school users remember close to 2 years ago Moviebox had a Hard drive fail and lost nearly all its content. Took close to 2 weeks for Moviebox to even work again. But I believe this is a Hard drive failure. The reason why is a few things do work like Family guy and Simpsons as well as a few more. So that would lead me to believe it’s a Hard drive failure and not a server purge. 

This is all my personal speculation we have yet to hear back from the developers. But I am sure they will get back with us in the AM. So please don’t ask for a update. As you all know we post of we have one. 


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