Useful Terminal Commands You Might Need Someday!

So since the iOS 9.1 jailbreak I have noticed that iFile has had some major bugs. This making it almost impossible to extract a Deb file. So I have to search how to do this from Terminal. Now the Terminal I am using is NewTerm and it currently works on 9.1 just fine. 

I have found a few commands that I believe you all should know or at least have access to when you may need them. 

Run commands as su. “Root” and files need to be in the /bar/mobile folder. 

dpkg -b is the first command. And what that does is lets you build a Deb file. So say the file you want to make a Deb is called com.sull.moviebox. In Terminal you would type dpkg -b com.sull.moviebox and this will give you a com.sull.moviebox.deb

dpkg -r is the next command. What this does is it will force remove a package that is causing you a problem on your device. So say when you go to Cydia and you want to remove the Moviebox Deb you just made, and Cydia crashes when you click on the package. You now can’t remove the Deb. So what you do is go to Terminal and type dpkg -r com.sull.moviebox. This will force remove the moviebox package from your device. 

dpkg -x this command will extract a Deb file to a location. So this is good if your going to take a Deb file and make a IPA out of it. What you do is go to Terminal and type dpkg -x com.sull.moviebox /var/mobile. Now the reason you have to type a location is because this command has to know where to place the files it extracts from the Deb file. 

Now remember is best to keep the debs or files your building in /var/mobile till you get comfortable in using Terminal and iFile. Also all commands require you to run su to become Root of you are already not. Hope this helped someone out there. 


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