Vidyo! iOS 9 Screen Recorder Shows Up In The AppStore! $4.99?

So I am sure this is going to be big news today. A app called Vidyo! has found its way into the AppStore at the hefty price of $4.99!

I find it funny that about 2 weeks after AirShous release we start to see other apps like Vidyo! and IRec start to change their ways a bit. We now see them starting to use the same method that AirShou is using. The app IRec even changed its icon to resemble the AirShou icon. Now this could very much just be a coincidence but highly unlikely. Looks like the AirShou train left the station and others are trying to hook up. 

I do know one thing. The price of $4.99 in my book is a bit high for a screen recorder app. If you have a Mac all you need is to hook your idevice to it and you can record the screen for free. Also if you get a signing service like the one we advertise IPwnStore then for $9.99 you get AirShou and a premium library of apps. 

After all is said and done I believe we will see more apps like this popup. What do you all think the way to go is? Should you pay $4.99 for one app, or pay $9.99 for a library of them? Do you think the others have followed suit and copied AirShou? Let us know what you think! 


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