Want Kodi? Better Downgrade Now!

Right now Kodi does not work on iOS 9. “No version.” At the moment of this post iOS 8.4.1 is being signed. So if you want Kodi now you need to download the 8.4.1 ipsw and restore in iTunes. We host links to the ipsw files in our download center of you need them. 

Just so users know Kodi will most likely work on iOS 9 after a jailbreak is out. But there is no telling when a jailbreak will drop same for a update for Kodi. 

I have tested the 16.0 Kodi Jarvis on iOS 8.4.1 from IPwnStore. Kodi Jarvis is only on IPwnStore as of now. And again only works on iOS 8 and not iOS 9. 


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