What Do You Want From Us?

So in the last few weeks there has been less and less to post on for the site. And I feel the community has become stale. This has happened before but most of the time we see a jailbreak released and boom the community is back in full swing. So with the lack of Tweaks, themes, and apps to cover we would like to start doing more YouTube videos or Live stream Q&A’s stuff like that. So I guess our question to you is what would you all like to see? Now remember some things we can’t fix or cover due to the lack of our abilities lol. So let’s keep the suggestions within reason. 
We would love to do more tutorials and guides to help the community and give you all something to help you in whatever your trying to do. 

I know this question is begging for some stuff like fix MovieBox this or Cinemabox that. Like I said stuff in our capabilities. We are not those developers. So like I said within reason. So give us some ideas on where you would love to see the site go and stuff you need help with. 


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