What Should I Use To Stream TV Content?

Most of the questions I get now is what should I use for a MovieBox replacement? As of now personally I think Mediabox HD is a great choice as well as Cinema Time from the AppStore. Personally I think after donating to Mediabox HD to get better in app priority makes the app shows some great promise. Donating isn’t a must but I did see a bump in my loading times after doing so. I did the $5 for a year but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that do the $1 option and see if you see the boost as well.

Now I know this will be asked. What about CotoMovies? It’s a great app and does work I just prefer simple things when it comes to streaming. I want the app to be easy to search and easy to stream to my Apple TV. And this is just a personal opinion so take it as that. I think CotoMovies is trying to split the line with supporting to many devices. It claims to be able to stream to many different devices. I have had problems out of it when streaming to my Apple TV. When I look for a streaming app I want simple and it to stream to my Apple TV while I lock the device. Now please don’t think I am just trashing CotoMovies. Mediabox HD has its down falls to. It won’t let a user lock the device when streaming to a Apple TV.

Just remember there is some great apps out there CotoMovies, MediaBox HD, PopcornTime and you always want to use a VPN service when using these apps. Some might use a torrent and you have no idea its doing so.


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