What You Need To Know About IPwnStore In The Last 48 Hours!

So in the last 48 hours if a IPwnStore member you have by now noticed that the service has had close to 2 days of downtime. Now this was due to a Hard drive failure. This is something that no one could have prevented in any way. 

  • Now this is the part you need to know. If you go to login and your login does not work. You will need to remake it. Please try to not use iCloud emails. 
  • You will also need to login at the codesign server. And reapply your certificate. Now this is for all users. Let us know if you have any signing problems. 
  • We have lost a few apps in the library if you see one that is missing please let us know so we can add it right away. 

Also orders will be taken very soon for new members. IPwnStore and dtathemes are sorry for the downtime. But again this is something that no one could have prevented. 


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