Apple Changes Time Sideloaded Apps Last On Your Device!

So it’s came to light Apple has decide to change the amount of time sideloaded apps will work on your device. The free account provisioning profiles would normally last 90 days now they last 7! 

This is most likely to reduce the use of piracy with the free account provisioning profiles. So to be clear if you use the free Apple developer account to sideload apps like Kodi and GBA4iOS you will have to reinstall them once a week now. This is a major bummer for users that don’t want to pay for a signing service like IPwnStore

I assume if you have already sideloaded a app that if its not reached the 90 days it will reach the 90 days and then once installed again it will be a 7 day app. But if you are just now sideloading a app it will only last 7 days. I would also assume that this is why Extensify is currently down, and why they where selling a 3 month membership other then a 1 year like most signing services. But this is just a assumption. But kinda makes sense to me now. I have placed the Reddit source below if you would like to read up there on this subject.