Did You Know IPwnStore Has A Codesigning Desktop Portal For Its Customers?

Not sure if most of you know this but the codesigning site IPwnStore that we recommend to our followers does indeed have a desktop portal. Right now this is the only signing service to offer this type of feature. I know most of you are saying why do I need this? Well this can come in handy for a few reasons. 

  1. Uploading bigger apps. Now at dtathemes and IPwnStore we and they don’t condone app piracy. But users will do as they want I have learned over time. So let’s say you want to sign a 200 to 500mb app. Uploading from the in app browser is possible but takes some time. And most signing services have limits on mobile uploads or the app will crash when uploading this big of a IPA. So this is a big reason to use the codesigning portal
  2. Freeing up your device. When uploading a big app on your device you have to first download the IPA from the site you are getting the IPA from. Then upload it to IPwnStore for signing.  Now some would say they like doing this on the go. But personally I feel it takes up my device for to long. So if your at home might as well do it from the desktop portal and free up your device while downloading and uploading the IPA. 
  3. Lastly custom bundle ids most of you want the feature of multiple same apps on your device. When upload the IPA you have the choice to set a custom bundle id or custom display name. “Note this feature is some what buggy” but does work for me most of the time. Or if on a Mac you can use Appsigner to change the bundle id and display name with your own free developer account. Then reupload the new IPA to the IPwnStore desktop portal to be signed for 1 year. 

So as you can see this comes in handy in many ways. Right now no other signing service offers a desktop portal to my knowledge. So if your looking to upload bigger apps and use a signing service might want to check out IPwnStore for $12.99 a year per device.