Happy Chick 1.0.5 Makes You Create A Login!?

So just got to test the latest version of Happy Chick from IPwnStore. For those of you that don’t know what Happy Chick is well it’s a all in one emulator. This app can let you download and play almost any ROM using almost any iOS emulator out there. 

Well it looks like you now have to enter a email and it generates you a login and you also have to verify the email you used with a link that is sent to the email you used. I am not to sure of the reason for this. I just know that the setup took me close to 2 minutes and was not that bad. I would advise for now use a email you don’t care about just incase they are selling the emails. This could help you avoid some of that spam. 

But I thought I would just share my findings with you all. Hope you enjoy the 1.0.5 update. I do plan on updating the Repo with the update soon. So keep a eye out for that.