Hello everyone…

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself.  My twitter handle is 211this.  I have been in the jailbreak scene for along time now.  I believe It was iOS 3 when I started.  I really didn’t dive into jailbreaking until iOS 5,  when the iPhone 4s came out.  Those older iOS days were the greatest times (Glory Days).  Over the years I have watched as Cydia has grown, evolving, more main stream.  People used to frown on jailbreaking in the past, before Saurik actually got congress to pass a law saying it is legal to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad.  I love jailbreaking and customizing, making the device feel like my own.  The developers behind the scenes are the true people that make jailbreaking the best.   I also have made quite a few themes myself, and put out a lot of free work.

I just wanted to share a little about me and my past, so you know where I am coming from as you read on.   I am a long time repair tech.  I started repairing iPhones in 2010.  My knowledge started evolving from repairing iPhones to tablets and android devices.  Over the years I have learned to micro solder, working on board level repair.  I fix computers, tablets, phones, Nintendo’s, xbox, all kinds of devices, hardware and software.   I currently manage a repair shop in Central California.  I also own my own repair business.   My main background is construction, every kind.  I started tech repair full time in 2015 and made a new career out of it and I love it.   

I hope that we all can continue to enjoy jailbreaking.   As new jailbreak devs come and go, do not forget to support the ones that make this what it is.  Saurik, Pwn20wnd, and Sam Bingner.  Patreon is the best way to support these guys.  Looking forward to writing some articles in the future, and please until then dont be an ETA kid.  Thanks everyone.