Make Depictions For Your Repo That Work With Sileo! Super Easy!

So with the release of Sileo we now see things that worked years ago with Cydia get updated to support new ways. This is mainly in Depictions. Sileo will soon not support Repos that doesn’t use Native Depictions. Now if your not a Repo manager you might not know what this is. Well Sileo uses .JSON files for its Depictions and currently displays others with a red box error saying that the depiction files need updated on the Repo. Now this personally was a hurdle for me as I am no good with .JSON in any way even though I have used it when I managed Ipwnstore. So it took me time to work out a lot of bugs. Now I have a template for the repo it can be seen on the MediaBoxHD package in Sileo. This is what the repo will look like when I am done.

Now if you don’t want to have to work out the bugs you can use a site called Sileogen. Now what this site does is it will generate you a .JSON file you can copy and paste then host on a server for Sileo to see. This site is limited on what you can do with it but for a quick fix it does work. To make a .json file on your computer make a .txt file. Then you will copy what the Sileogen site gives you and paste it in the .txt file. Change the extension on the .txt file to .json and name it the name of your package. Upload this to your server or hosting. You will also need to add the tag SileoDepiction: to your Package file then a space and the url to the .JSON file your are hosting. So if your looking to get your Depictions updated for Sileo before the December cutoff. This is a quick and easy way to do so.